Fukudanuki is an independent developer based in Japan.We began activities to send content to PCs, consumers and mobile around the world from the autumn of 2017


Apr 16, 2024
"Beautiful Life Show" currently under development Received the iGi 2024 Special Award

Nov 18, 2020
ConnectWorld for android

Nov 17, 2020
ConnectWorld for iOS

Jun 26, 2019
CUBE GARDEN new released

Apr 12, 2019
New works
Key visual release

Dec 9, 2018
GoldFish -Infinite puddle- for iOS

Fab 7, 2018
A GoldFish review was posted on the APPLION.
Thank you very much!

Fab 6, 2018
A GoldFish review was posted on the appnavi.
Thank you very much!

Fab 5, 2018
A GoldFish review was posted on the applizm and iPhoroid.
Thank you very much!

Fab 1, 2018
GoldFish -Infinite puddle- for android
advance release to Japan

Sep 18, 2017
Dice -High performance simulator- for android

Title:"Beautiful Life Show"
Release:Scheduled for December 2025

A casual puzzle game that makes your brain flexible,Find a way for two characters to meet while painting a cell

Bitsummit7Spririts exhibits「The king loved the walk ...」Full-scale puzzle games weaved with a warm world view

Winner of GoogleIndieGamesFestival2020 Top20

Please guide many colorful goldfish and travel in infinite water puddle.That is happy if we can give you the best relaxation time and the power of tomorrow.

This is a very simple and versatile 3D dice simulator.It is possible to intuitively sort the shapes of tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, decahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron in various color groups.Please make use of it as part of your life.


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